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Teeth in this category are a severely broken part less than half of a megalodon tooth. These teeth are relatively low in price compared to complete teeth but make a great option for customers and children who wish to experience to the joy of a megalodon tooth. Please note, these teeth are generally sold uncleaned

Fragment Megalodon Shark Teeth
Fragment Megalodon Shark Teeth


Teeth in this category can be divided into two subgroups: perfect splits and 50%. Perfect splits are those teeth that represent exactly a mirror (or close to) half of the tooth due to years of erosional and destructive forces. 50% teeth are teeth that have approximately 50% of the tooth intact, but do not necessarily represent a mirrored vertical split. Picture examples can be seen below.

Perfect Splits



B-Grade Megalodon teeth make excellent collector items and retail products. These teeth are 80% and may have some degree of enamel peel. In general, the B grade category generally have some enamel peel and/or a small amount of damage to the root, tip, or edges. Examples of B grade megalodon teeth can be seen below. 


Please note that B grade megalodon teeth are sometimes sold by the pound. My averages show that the number of Megalodon teeth per pound is:

2" + Megalodon Teeth: 16/pound

3"+ Megalodon Teeth: 5/pound

4"+ Megalodon Teeth: 3/pound

5"+ Megalodon Teeth: 1.5/pound

** Please note, these numbers may vary due to the size and weight of the invididaul teeth in the colleciton


Wholesale and retail Megalodon fossil shark teeth are principally measured from the tip to the longest root side and this is commonly referred to as the length measurement.  Additionally important measurements include width and length; however, the length measurement is very important to both wholesale and retail teeth. Additionally, the measurement of wholesale teeth is often rounded (reference above) to remove the length discrepancies associated with retail teeth.

Cleaned vs Uncleaned

All of the Megalodon Teeth shown in any retail environment are absent of many of the natural factors associated with them at their recovery time. These factors include: oysters, barnacles, plant life, etc that are often removed during the cleaning process. My wholesale teeth are offered to buyers in both uncleaned and cleaned condition. Please note that any of my cleaned or uncleaned teeth have never been altered, damaged, or restored.


Click Here for more information on the Artistic Process


Reference the pictures below to see the difference between cleaned and uncleaned fossil Megaldon Teeth. For various retailers and sellers of shark teeth it is advantageous to have an abundant and a variety in inventory of fossil shark teeth. I am happy to custom-fit each shark tooth species, grade, and size to meet your personal or business needs.

I am happy to ship wholesale megalodon teeth outside the continental U.S. Please note that shipping expenses will be paid fully by the buyer. Additionally, all price quotes will be in US Dollars (USD) and any exchange rate calculations are the responsibility of the buyer.

The Shark Teeth Mega Store is happy to offer  megalodon teeth in large custom-scaled wholesale quantities.  Wholesale orders are generally for people with a large collection or businesses seeking a larger quantity of fossil shark teeth for retail or resale. Wholesale orders are generally at a minimum $500 and are custom fitted to each buyer. Please visit my retail shop if you are interested in purchasing a megalodon teeth that catches your eye!

Wholesale Megalodon Teeth

Fossil Shark Tooth Grades

Megalodon fossils and other shark teeth have a wholesale price that is determined by numerous conditional factors that result in their grade. The grading system I have used is based on lettering and descriptive numerical values. Using the below grading systems people and businesses interested in wholesale purchases will be able to determine the grades and quantity that best fit their needs.

Three-Quarters (75%)

Three-Quarter teeth have a break usually along the tip or corner of the tooth. Despite these teeth being incomplete, they make great wholesale purchases as they can be purchased at a rate that allows for good retail profit margins.

B Grade

A Grade Megalodon Teeth

"A" Grade Megalodon teeth are those with a fully intact triangle and 90%+ of the enamel still present. Finding A grade Megalodon teeth is the true thrill of the hunt. These teeth draw high retail prices and are often sold to collectors or individuals that are fascinated with sharks and the ocean. Please note, that A grade Megalodon teeth are priced individually and are separated into various size categories namely:







**In general, megalodon fossil shark teeth larger than 5.5" are generally retail items as opposed to wholesale 


The quantity of wholesale megalodon teeth orders reflect the price difference from retail. In general, wholesale orders are $500+. I make an effort to work with both large and small volume customers and custom fit orders to meet their needs.

Shipping & Payment

Wholesale Megalodon Shark Teeth
Wholesale Megalodon Fossil Shark Teeth

Examples of A Grade Megalodon Teeth

Bucket Fragment Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Gem museuem quality fossil megalodon tooth
Scuba Diving Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth
Fragment Fossil Shark Tooth
Scuba Diving High Quality North Carolina Fossil  Megalodon Tooth
Scuba Diving High Quality North Carolina Fossil  Megalodon Tooth
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