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Mako Fossil Shark Teeth

Mako sharks have been around since the Miocene (20 million years ago (mya)) and are some of the fastest sharks to ever roam the ocean. Two predominant species of the Mako Shark are known to exist the Shortfin Mako  I(surus Oxyrynchus) greek translateon “Equal Tail Sharp Nose” and the Longfin Mako (Isurus Paucus) greek translation “ Few Equal Tail”. In general, the long fin Mako shark is far less prevalent. The Mako Shark has a slim and streamlined appearance. Mako sharks are a pelagic species, meaning they prefer the open ocean waters. Mako sharks are the most agile species and have a top documented sprint speed of over 40 mph (65 km/h). Worldwide, their habitat range is limited to tropical and temperate ocean waters.  Mako sharks are a large species and the largest ever caught and recorded was over 12 feet long and weight over 1300 lbs! 

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